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  • The Death Penalty 

  • The Rohingya Crisis

In 2018, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for a worldwide moratorium on capital punishment which gained the support of a record of 120 nations. Within this resolution, and most arguments involving the death penalty, countries encourage restrictions on its usage, and urge states to limit themselves in the way the sentence is executed. Though there is no official international custom that could prohibit the death penalty, there are several restrictions that are seemingly binding to all nations in their nature.


In these efforts, there have been several notions from those states opposing the death penalty that it violates several human rights that have set the international precedence for the protection of individual rights. Not only do states take a position on the death penalty itself, and its execution within their boundaries, several states denying it have also focused on the international standards and agreements that do not support the usage of the death penalty in any country on the basis of international consensus.

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