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Regional and Political Instability in the Middle East: The Israeli- Palestinian Conflict

     In December 2018, the people gathered to protest the rise of food prices, but it seemed like that was what the population needed to start a movement towards deposing the 30 year dictator of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. The ex-dictator was forced to resign and is currently under house arrest in Sudan. However, soon after the dictator was deposed the military council came in establishing that they were going to rule as a transitional power.

    As a consequence, the people remained on the streets protesting for their rights to finally have a democratic rule. Nevertheless, this issue has reached the attention of the Security Council since now violence has reached Sudan. For instance, in May, soldiers opened fired against a pro-democracy group in Khartoum and left around 118 people dead. The UN fears that if action is not taken to ensure peace, the situation will get out of hand and increase the threat to international peace and security.

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