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Welcome Letter

Senatus Populusque MUNdi: Building Bridges on Ancient Foundations

Honorable Chairs and Delegates,

  On the streets of Rome, should you ever find yourself looking down instead of up, you may notice on buildings and on the street the acronym SPQR, standing for Senatus PopulusQue Romanus- The Senate and the People of Rome. In this, we found the theme of our 14th JCU Model United Nations Conference. How can we, the next generation of political leaders, build upon the foundations laid for us by the ancient Romans. We can see and feel the echo of these decisions in everything we do, from our debates to our senates, the roman ideals of democracy live on in us.

  So, we ask you, our prospective delegates and chairs, to kindly join us for this experience, blending the classical and contemporary worlds together, for a future where we can best resolve our conflicts, and inspire those to come, just as the Romans had done.

  This year, we will be significantly expanding our committees, including four Beginner level committees, seven Intermediate level committees, and three Expert level committees. In these, we pose questions on issues such as cultural heritage, religious intolerance, climate change, and digital advancements in society. Those interested in chair applications can expect those to be available August 28th, and those interested in delegate applications can expect them around October 1st (subject to change).

  We, the 2024 Secretariat, thank you immensely for your interest in and consideration of our conference.


2024 JCU MUN Secretariat Team 

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