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Henry Krenzer is a second year student at John Cabot, majoring in international affairs and economics and finance. Prior to serving on the Secretariat, he was involved in Model United Nations as a conference attendee for the past four years. In all the hustle and bustle of planning this conference, Henry said he is most looking forward to the Gala. He is excited to be organizing this year’s edition of JCUMUN.

Henry Krenzer


Kaitlyn Meule is a second year student, majoring in Art History and Legal Studies, who, though not previously involved in attending conferences as a delegate, has volunteered previously as a photographer and assistant to the previous USG of Marketing during the 2023 JCUMUN conference. She most looks forward to documenting the conference through photo and video, and creating lasting memories for the attendees.

Kaitlyn Meule
USG of Marketing and Social Media

Giulia Prandini is a sophomore, majoring in both International Affairs and Economics and Finance. She’s says she’s most excited to meet the delegates from all over the world and discuss current world events with them.

Giulia Prandini
USG of Logistics


Emilia Lopez Ortega is a third year student at JCU, majoring in International Affairs and Minoring in Business Administration. She has also been a long-time attendee and chair at MUN conferences both in high school and at the university level. She says she is the most excited about seeing the debate surrounding this year’s committee topics!

Emilia Lopez Ortega
USG of Academics

Greta Mastroianni is an International Affairs Major, and is double minoring in History and Legal Studies. This year she will be attending her first conference as a delegate, in Abu Dhabi. Greta says that she is most excited to get to know all of the delegates and chairs at this year’s conference!

Greta Mastroianni
USG of Delegates and Socials


The JCUMUN '24 Secretariat team is working tirelessly and hard to make this 13th edition, not only special but the best one yet. We can't wait to welcome you all to the city we love dearly in future conferences

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