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Betselot Dejene is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is currently a sophomore at John Cabot University studying International Affairs and minoring in Legal Studies. She has been involved in MUN throughout her high school years and is currently involved in the MUN society at JCU. She has participated in, chaired, and organized multiple MUN conferences. She especially enjoys chairing and participating in Crisis Committees. She is excited to be organizing this year’s edition of JCUMUN.

Betselot Dejene


Maya McCarthy is a junior at John Cabot university studying Art History and Studio Art and Design. An active participant in MUN since the age of 14, she is honored to be this year’s Deputy Secretary-General. Originally from the US but has lived in many countries, a deep appreciation of different cultures and ideals has always been prominent in her life.

Maya McCarthy
Deputy Secretary-General

Fernanda Hurtado is from La Paz, Bolivia. She is currently a Freshman at John Cabot University studying international business. She has been involved in MUN throughout her high school years and is currently involved in the MUN society at JCU. She not only has participated in MUNs as a delegate but also chaired multiple MUN conferences. She is excited about being part of this year's edition of JCUMUN.

Fernanda Hurtado
USG of Delegates and Staff


Moustafa Tlass, from Damascus, Syria, is a senior student at John Cabot University majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Economics and Philosophy. He participated in his first MUN conference in Dubai, UAE in 2017 at the Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN). Having lived in four different countries, Moustafa offers a variety of challenging and uniquely interesting Committees and topics to the JCUMUN’23 as the USG of Academics and Chairs and is glad to share his past experiences and unbiased perspective with the upcoming Conference.

Moustafa Tlass
USG of Academics and Chairs

Alejandro Martínez, from Mexico, is in his senior year at JCU. He is majoring in International Business and minoring in International Affairs and Economics. Besides his experience participating in MUN, he has various experiences in organizing other leadership events. Alejandro is honored to be part of the JCUMUN secretariat, and he is looking forward to this year's edition of JCUMUN!

Alejandro Martínez
USG of Socials


Donnatella Bove Parra is an Italian-Venezuelan undergraduate student pursuing a B.A. in International Affairs and Economics & Finance with a minor in Legal Studies. From an early age, she has been inspired by the work of the United Nations in their mission of promoting and protecting human rights, peace, and freedom. Hence, increasing her willingness to conduct research about phenomena to conclude what would be the best path for the well-being of the international community. As part of the Model United Nations Secretariat, her goal not only is to be a leader by working in teams but also to create a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone that will participate in the conference.

Donnatella Bove Parra
USG of Logistics

Juju Maskell Ferreira is a Brazilian student majoring in Marketing. This is her fourth year at JCU. She did not only participate in MUNs during high school as a delegate, but she was always a secretariat during her senior year. Having a delegate and secretariat point-of-view of MUN brings the entire picture together, and she is glad to contribute to JCUMUN '23 Conference with her past experiences.

Juju Maskell
USG of Social Media/Marketing


The JCUMUN '23 Secretariat team is working tirelessly and hard to make this 12th edition, not only special but the best one yet. We can't wait to welcome you all to the city we love dearly in future conferences

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