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How to register

The application process is carried out via the MyMun Database. To register, click the "Apply" links on this website and follow the steps below that apply to your specific case. 

single Delegate

  1. Once you are on the MyMun JCUMUN website, you will have multiple sections to fill out:​​

  • Personal Information

  • Your Role

    • This is where you will select your role as"Delegate".​

  • Committee Preferences

  • ​Additional Questions

  • ​Motivation Letter

  • Review

  2.  Then finally submit your application.

  3.  Once accepted, you will be able to complete the payment for the Conference, and be an official participant of JCUMUN.


These instructions are for Head Delegates / Faculty Advisors of DELEGATIONS

1. Once you are on the MyMun JCUMUN website (select apply if you haven't already), you will have multiple sections to fill out:​​​

2. The first of these multiple sections is the "Personal Information" section.

          - Fill in your personal information. You will add your delegates’ information in a later step.

3. Next, in the "Your Role" section.

- Select your role as a Head Delegate or Faculty Advisor. Then, Fill out the necessary details to find or create your Model UN Society, along with the expected size of your delegation (you must have at least four students, estimate as accurately as possible) and the other requested information.

4. Then, you will select your "Country Preferences". If you are a Head Delegate, these are your specific preferences. Your delegates will get to choose theirs later (will be explained soon). If you are a Faculty Advisor, fill in any countries you'd most like your delegates to receive. 

5. Submit your answers to our “Application Questions” and submit your delegation's "Motivation Letter"on the next page. 

6. Review your application and press "Submit Application."

Most Important: Below we will explain how add members to your delegation.

1. Add members to your delegation by clicking "Delegation" on the sidebar. Fill in the information for each delegate you plan to add to your delegation or, if they are already members of MyMUN, invite them via URL in the box to the left of “Invitation URL.”

2. Once accepted, return to your delegation home page to complete payment for the Application Fee.

3. The Payment can either be done by the Head Delegate or Faculty Advisor, or directly by the delegate through their own account.

- For Head Delegate and Faculty Advisors, Press “Payment.” Fill in the number of delegates you will be paying for as well as any Faculty Advisors or Observers who will attend with you to add them to your total fee. Here, tickets for the social events and accommodation package are also available for purchase once they are released. Check out when you are finished, using PayPal, Stripe, or Wire Transfer (submit a screenshot of your receipt).

4. At the end of the registration period in which the conference fee has been paid in full, country assignments will be released.



*Please note that for delegations, in order for payment to be considered complete, the delegation fee and delegate fees (each delegate in a delegation must pay the delegate fee, including the Head Delegate) must pay.

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