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Andrea Ruffoni Semidey is a Venezuelan Junior at John Cabot University, studying International Affairs with a minor in Communications.

She grew up in a small town in Venezuela called Acarigua to Venezuelan-Italian parents. At age 10 she moved to the United States, which pushed her out of her comfort zone completely; however, it allowed her to grow and strengthen her passion for different cultures, language and political climates. When she started university, she decided to join MUN and has been engulfed in this world ever since. 

After having been the Under Secretary-General for JCUMUN'19, Andrea was eager to begin her new role as the Secretary-General for the year 2020. She can't wait to put a face to all the names behind the applications, and hopes to welcome you all next Spring!


Camila Mosier is a Mexican-American student in her second-year at John Cabot University, studying International Affairs with a minor in Legal Studies.


She was raised in El Paso, Texas, and moved to Italy to pursue her college education at the age of 18. She enjoys traveling, creative writing, and playing music. Though she began participating with Model United Nations in university, she has a background of debate and interest in politics. She joined MUN to further these passions, and in it, found a network of like-minded individuals and amazing experiences.


She is very excited to welcome everyone to the JCUMUN 2020 conference, and looks forward to providing a great experience for the delegates and chairs that will be joining us.

Deputy Secretary-General

USG of Logistics


Luca Azzariti is an Italian-Peruvian student in his sophomore year at John Cabot University, double-majoring in International Affairs and Economics & Finance.


He was born in Perú from Italian parents and has traveled throughout his whole life between the Americas and Europe. He chose to study at John Cabot University to expand his horizons with a highly motivated international community and to ultimately accomplish his ambitions to become a human rights lawyer. And while he is not a fan of diplomacy or bureaucracy, he is intrigued and passionate about Model United Nations and its structure. To understand the climate of international relations, MUN has given Luca a vast amount of experience and knowledge that will most definitely be crucial for his future endeavors.


He is extremely honored to help organize this edition of JCUMUN, and cannot wait to meet and strengthen networks with people from different nationalities and backgrounds.

Carolina Tellez is a Mexican freshman student at John Cabot University, studying International Affairs with a minor in Economics and Finance. She was born and raised in Monterrey Mexico and now lives here in the beautiful city of Rome.


Ever since she stepped into her first conference she knew that being a diplomat in a foreign country is what she wanted to be the rest of her life. Consequently, she decided to continue being part of the MUN world in University, and it has continued to reward her by given her two of the most valuable things for her until now, a passion for what she believes in and amazing friendships.

For her, JCUMUN represents a challenge but also an opportunity for all those who will attend to discover their passions and explore the eternal city. 

USG of Staff and Volunteers

Edin Secerkadic was born in Libya and lived most of his life in Croatia and Italy. He finished his elementary school in Rijeka, Croatia, and his secondary school in Milan, Italy. Edin is now in his final year of studies at John Cabot University, majoring in economics and finance.
During his four year stay in Rome, Edin got very familiarized with the city by going to almost all parts and areas of Rome. This gave him a vast knowledge of the city and its nightlife, ensuring Edin is the right person to organize JCUMUN socials, at some of the best and most intriguing locations in Rome.
Edin is glad to help you with any issues which may arise during your stay in Rome, and he will be happy to assist.

USG of Socials

Lukas Simon Probst is an Austrian student in his Freshman year at John Cabot University, studying International Business with a minor in Communications.


He was born in Malaysia and has moved around all throughout of his life. As a Third Culture Kid, he finds his home now in Italy, the 8th country he has lived in. To further his international upbringing, he decided to attend a multicultural and diverse university in the heart of Rome. He loves sport, music and debating, having been a part of Model United Nations since early high school. These conferences have sparked in him a passion for debate and negotiations, something he hopes to continue in his future life. 


Model United Nations has been one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings of his life and as such he is incredibly honored to contribute to the development of JCUMUN and hopes to welcome all of you to the great city of Rome!

USG of Academics

The JCU Secretariat for the year 2020

From left to right: Edin, Camila, Andrea, Luca and Carolina.

Missing: Lukas Probst

The whole JCUMUN'20 Secretariat team is working tirelessly and hard to make this 10th edition, not only special, but the best one yet. We can't wait to welcome you all to the city we love dearly- Rome.