JCUMUN'21 Secretariat

Lukas Simon Probst is an Austrian student in his Sophmore year at John Cabot University, studying International Business with a minor in Economics and Legal Studies.

He was born in Malaysia and has moved around all throughout his life. As a Third Culture Kid, he finds his home now in Italy, the 8th country he has lived in. To further his international upbringing, he decided to attend a multicultural and diverse university in the heart of Rome. He loves sport, music and debating, having been a part of Model United Nations since early high school. These conferences have sparked in him a passion for debate and negotiations, something he hopes to continue in his future life. 

Model United Nations has been one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings of his life. Having been the USG of Academics for JCUMUN’20 he is incredibly honored to take over the Secretary-General role and aid the development of JCUMUN and hopes to welcome all of you to the great city of Rome!


Courtney Nicole Smith is an American Sophomore at John Cabot University, studying International Affairs with a minor in Communications. She grew up moving around the world every two to four years from countries such as The Netherlands, Nigeria, U.A.E, Russia, and now at present, Italy.


While moving, she became attached to the idea of a future in foreign service and diplomacy. When she started university, she volunteered at JCUMUN’20 and became awestruck with the MUN world. She then decided she wanted to continue to learn more about it while being a part of it. She can’t wait to welcome you all in Spring for JCUMUN 2021!

Deputy Secretary-General

Naomi Villamizar Bedford is a Colombian who has recently finished her first year at John Cabot University as a sophomore. MUN has been part of her life since she was in the seventh grade; she has participated in approximately 18 Models around Colombia and is hoping to attend a European model before JCUMUN.


Due to her involvement in the MUN, she decided to study International Affairs and then complemented it with International Business. She is excited to be part of the next JCUMUN Secretariat and is hopeful to meet you all in February 2021!

USG of Staff and Volunteers

Manuela Ramos Barroso is a Brazilian Sophomore studying International Affairs and Communications at John Cabot University. She is 19 and has been part of MUN Conferences since her High School in Brazil.


MUN throughout the years has become one of her biggest passions, being what motivated her to study International Affairs abroad. She is extremely honored to be a part of the JCUMUN 2021, and can not wait to see everyone learning and enjoying our Conference in the eternal city!

USG of Academics

Sabrina Mirizio is an Italian sophomore at John Cabot University, majoring in Business Administration and Marketing with a minor in Psychology. 

She was born and raised in Castelli Romani (Rome), but she has always dreamed of living abroad and therefore has desperately seeked international experience, ending up at John Cabot, whose student body is the most diverse and unique of every other American university in Italy. 

Sabrina has never taken part in any MUN conference before, but she is very excited to be a part of JCUMUN as the USG of Events and confident that the Secretariat will do their best to ensure a successful conference in 2021! 

USG of Socials

The whole JCUMUN'21 Secretariat team is working tirelessly and hard to make this 11th edition, not only special, but the best one yet. We can't wait to welcome you all to the city we love dearly- Rome. 

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USG of Logistics

Alessia Vitiello is an Italian American student in her second year at John Cabot University. She is studying International Business with a minor in Psychology.

She grew up in California and finished high school in Newport Beach. After receiving her diploma, she moved to her family’s hometown in Capri and decided to apply to John Cabot, an American university in the center of Rome known for its diverse student body.

She is excited to be part of the JCUMUN Secretariat and looks forward to hosting an amazing all-inclusive conference in 2021!

USG of Marketing

Matteo Cattina is an Italian, sophomore year student pursuing his studies in International Business and Marketing at John Cabot University. He can be described as an open minded and outgoing individual who is excited by the opportunity to meet new and diverse people from all over the world.


It was during his time spent living in Buenos Aires for two years where he first began to experience and appreciate cultural diversity. Matteo enjoys being a part of tasks that call for strategic and ideological input. Being part of the JCUMUN Secretariat is a unique experience for him to further utilize and develop these skills.


Although Matteo has only been a part of MUN Conferences, his participation in the 10th edition of the JCUMUN Conferences as a staff member during his second semester at JCU has provided him the proper knowledge to continue along this path, and he’s now more excited than ever to once again give his contribution to the JCUMUN Conference in 2021.

We are happy to present this Year's new Secretariat Team.