Manuela Barroso is a Brazilian junior student of International Affairs and International Business at John Cabot University, Rome. She is 20 years old and has been part of MUN Conferences since her High School back in Brazil. MUN throughout the years has become one of her biggest passions, being what motivated her to study International Affairs abroad. She has participated in more than 25 international conferences and is extremely honored to be the Secretary-General of the JCUMUN 2022!

Manuela Barroso


Betselot Dejene is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is currently a Sophomore at John Cabot University studying international affairs and minoring in legal studies. She has been involved in MUN throughout her high school years and is currently involved in the MUN society at JCU. She has participated in, chaired and organized multiple MUN conferences. She especially enjoys chairing and participating in Crisis committees. She is excited to be part of the JCUMUN Secretariat and is excited to meet you all in April.

Betselot Dejen
Deputy Secretary-General

Maria is half Italian and half American, and this is her last semester at JCU studying international affairs. Maria only started participating in MUNs in university, but she absolutely loves them! She is excited to be your USG of staff and hopes our team will be able provide you with an entertaining, productive, and enriching conference, notwithstanding the current covid-19 circumstances!

Maria Young
USG of Staff


Naomi is a final semester international business student with a minor in international affairs. She was born and raised in Colombia and moved to Italy to complete her undergrad. She has been part of MUN conferences since high school and is truly passionate about them. She has participated in a range of committees and is honored to be the USG of Academics for this year's version of JCUMUN. She hopes to meet you soon and is very excited about the conference as it will be her last MUN conference.

Naomi Villamizar
USG of Academics

Lara is a half-Canadian half-Italian Senior from Montreal, Canada. She is currently completing her last semester at JCU, majoring in International Affairs, and minoring in Legal Studies & Communications. Lara has participated in, chaired, and attended MUN conferences since 2016, with her previous college. In 2017, her previous college hosted the Harvard World MUN conference, for which she helped organize and volunteered. Aside from her extensive MUN experience, Lara also has various experience in organizing other leadership events, namely for JCU. Lara is very honored and excited to be part of the JCUMUN Secretariat as the SG of Events, and looks forward to organizing some wonderful events for you all!

Lara Asoli
USG of Events


Alejandro Martínez Ladrón de Guevara, from Mexico, is in his junior year at JCU. He is majoring in International Business and minoring in International Affairs and Economics. Besides his experience participating in MUN, he has various experiences in organizing other leadership events. Alejandro is honored to be part of the JCUMUN secretariat, and he is looking forward to this year's edition of JCUMUN!

Alejandro Guevara
USG of Logistics

Anna Buhmann is majoring in International Business and minoring in Psychology at John Cabot University. She is currently a junior and is from the United States. She is excited to join the JCU secretariat team and is looking forward to using her past experiences to contribute to the JCUMUN '22 Conference.

Anna Buhmann
Co USG of Marketing


Juju Maskell Ferreira is a Brazilian student majoring in Marketing. This is her third year at JCU. She did not only participate in MUNs during high school as a delegate, but she was always a secretariat during her senior year. Having a delegate and secretariat point-of-view of MUN brings the entire picture together, and she is glad to contribute to JCUMUN '22 Conference with her past experiences.

Juju Maskell
Co USG of Marketing

The JCUMUN '22 Secretariat team is working tirelessly and hard to make this 12th edition, not only special but the best one yet. We can't wait to welcome you all to the city we love dearly in future conferences